Are you looking for decorative concrete products for your home or establishment? Well you've come to the right place! We at M & Z Concrete Variety Products specialize in the production of Balusters, Pillars (Capital & Base), Wall Heads and Bricks. We also do turning of legs and produce Wooden Pillars for balconies up to a whopping 15 inches in diameter and also do fiberglass mole designing. As your one stop shop, we also do installation of balusters and our other products.
If you've seen a lovely style of balusters arrayed on a balcony or stairs somewhere, chances are, we will be able to replicate that exact style and reproduce it for you.
At M & Z it is our goal to satisfy the desire of you the valued customer. Come along with your own designs and will produce them.
Our company is locally owned and operated, being based in the West coast community of Coulibistrie. Our management has been in this practice for the past 17 years (since 1994) and our company has been involved in countless design and construction projects island-wide
Below are a few examples of some recent works done.

baluster101 baluster102 baluster103
baluster104 baluster105 baluster106
baluster107 baluster108 baluster109
baluster110 baluster111 baluster112
baluster113 baluster114 baluster115
baluster116 baluster117 baluster118
baluster119 baluster120 Flower Pot 201
Pillar 202 Wall Head 203 Flower Pot 201
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