Featured Listing Feed http://blueskyrealtors.com/index.php?action=rss_featured_listings SAN SAUVER -Tastefully Built Wooden Cottage http://blueskyrealtors.com/listing-san-sauver--tastefully-built-wooden-cottage-9.html OS0yMDE1LTEyLTA4IDE0OjAzOjU4 <span class="field_caption">Description</span>:&nbsp;<br><h4>A tastefully built wooden cottage with 360 sq. ft. of living space in addition to a spacious sheltered patio with an extended look out deck on approximately 21,924.sq.ft. of land on the outskirts of the peaceful and quiet eastern village of San Sauver.<p> This newly built cottage commands spectacular views of the Atlantic and country side through lushous green vegetation and is connected to all main utilities.<p> There is ample land for constructing a main home since the cottage was nestled towards one end of the land. <p>It is the ideal holiday home with privacy a plenty! </h4><p><b> Reduced offer: <strike>US$129,000</strike> US$81,444</b>]]> BOETICA- 4.029 Acres Of Lush Property http://blueskyrealtors.com/listing-boetica--4.029-acres-of-lush-property-10.html MTAtMjAxNS0xMi0wOCAxNDowNDoxNg== <span class="field_caption">Description</span>:&nbsp;<h4>4.029 acres of flat to gently sloping, lush green land with ocean view, located just a stone throw from the popular Jungle Bay Hotel in the eastern village of Boetica.<p> This plot provides a nice view of the Atlantic ocean with views of the mountains further inland also. There is a very refreshing seasonal stream that runs down the middle of the land and through a wooded area that has been cleared of undergrowth, providing a lovely shaded, serene area.<p> This lush property creates the unique possibility of providing house spots with lovely sea and mountain views while the remaining land is nicely wooded around the boundaries providing privacy. The non wooded areas will be ideal for growing grapefruit, orange, lime and other fruit trees. The soil is very fertile, being occupied currently with shrubs and a few tree crops.<p> The land is privately situated only about 150 yards from the main public road. Electricity, internet, telephone and cable TV are the same distance away (close proximity). Privacy is also enhanced by ravines running along two sides of the plot forming natural boundaries from adjoining lands.<p> The road leading to the property from the main road has been cleared but will require surfacing at some stage. The price of the property has been reduced to accommodate the construction of a road by the purchaser.</h4><p> <b>Price: <font color="red"><strike>US$120,000</strike></font> US$95,000</b>]]> BELLES -1.75 acres of Elevated Country Land http://blueskyrealtors.com/listing-belles--1.75-acres-of-elevated-country-land-13.html MTMtMjAxNC0wNi0yOCAwMDo0NzozOQ== <span class="field_caption">Description</span>:&nbsp;<h4>1.75 acre of elevated land with a small stream, enjoying sweeping views over the countryside and mountains. <p> The property is presently farmed for banana and includes some mature trees and fruit trees.<p> This property is located near the Forest Reserve and has areas of forest nearby. A small agricultural shed is included in the sale and may be useful as a temporary store room or garden shed. The majority of the property is gently to moderately sloping land. <p> There is a pretty stream on one of the boundaries, located at the bottom of a steep bank. The property is served with main electricity, telephone and internet services. <P> The property is approx. 55 minutes drive from Roseau and only 25 minutes from Melville Hall International Airport. <p> This property enjoys beautiful 360 degree views over the countryside to the mountains, a stream along one boundary, and has had it's price reduced for a quick sale. <p /> Price: US$99,000 </h4>]]> CASTAWAYS -Adorable Family Home http://blueskyrealtors.com/listing-castaways--adorable-family-home-22.html MjItMjAxNy0wNy0xMyAxOTo1OToxNA== <span class="field_caption">Description</span>:&nbsp;<h4>An attractive 2 storey modern family home in the quite residential community of Castaways with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and excellent sea views. It sits within 8,263 square feet of fine property.<p> The home, which is finished to a very high standard is constructed from reinforced concrete and masonry. It comprises a self-contained top floor with approximately 1,200 square feet of living area. This floor contains 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, including a master bedroom opening out onto its own covered verandah.<p> The elegant home possesses much commercial potential. Its ground floor is also self-contained with about 1,000 square feet of living area, 2 bedrooms and 2 bath rooms. Its interior is beautifully furnished.<p> The home sits 5 minutes drive up from the main west coast road -away from noisy vehicular traffic. The property enjoys spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea, and is only 7 minutes from the lovely Mero beach.<p> It is the perfect home for a large family and the buyer will have the option to lease any of these self-contained floors.<p /> <b>Price: <strike>US$365,000</strike> US$306,877. (negotiable).</b></h4>]]> BELFAST -Majestic 2 Storey Home http://blueskyrealtors.com/listing-belfast--majestic-2-storey-home-28.html MjgtMjAxNy0wNi0xNiAxMDo0MzoxMQ== <span class="field_caption">Description</span>:&nbsp;<br><h4>A majestic 3 bedroom family house sitting on 11,308 square feet of garden grounds with a fantastic sea view, in the upscale community of Belfast located just 5 miles from the city of Roseau.<p /> This property, which was constructed about 7 years ago, comprises of approx. 2,500 square feet of living area on the top floor with an open area on the ground floor which can be converted into a 1 bedroom apartment.<p /> The house is equipped with a brand new diesel generator and a 1,000 gallon concrete water tank and is served by all mains utilities.<p /> It has breath taking views of the Caribbean Sea and sorrounding mountains from the spacious verandahs on the north and the south.<p /> <strong>There is also the option to purchase an adjoining lot west of the property which contains 10,545 square feet.</strong><p /> Price: <strike>US$449,000</strike> US$350,000 </h4>]]> PONT CASSE -Cool Privacy http://blueskyrealtors.com/listing-pont-casse--cool-privacy--42.html NDItMjAxOC0wOS0xOCAxMzoxMToyNw== <span class="field_caption">Description</span>:&nbsp;<br><h4>A solidly built, 2 bedroom bungalow sitting on 0.90 acre (39,204.sq.ft.) of land in the lush green, cool village of Pont Casse.<p /> The home is being sold unfurnished. It has an open-plan living & dining area and kitchen and comprises of suspended ceiling, ceramic tiling throughout, finished hardwood cupboards and drawers along with two spacious bedrooms (one with its own washroom and bath).<p /> This house sits on beautifully landscaped garden grounds containing numerous fruit trees, such as: orange, tangerine, cherry, lime, pineapple, guava and mango. The property is served via private drive way leading onto main road.<p> This charming home has dual voltage electricity (110v & 220v), telephone, and cable TV. Water is supplied through a 1600 gallon water tank, with pump.<p /> Pont Casse is centrally located: approximately 30 minutes drive up and along the west coast from Roseau and the same distance from the Melville Hall Airport. The refreshing emerald pool along the route to Castle Bruce is within close proximity of the property.<p /> <strong>Price Reduced: <strike>US$220,000</strike> US$139,498</strong></h4>]]> SYNDICATE -Nature Treat http://blueskyrealtors.com/listing-syndicate--nature-treat-34.html MzQtMjAxNC0wNi0yOCAwMDozODoyNA== <span class="field_caption">Description</span>:&nbsp;<h4>A unique nature treat: 9.90 acres of lucsious green vegetation in a remote and serene area at Milton, Syndicate, a village 6 miles from the town of Portsmouth.<p> Main utilities such as electricity, telephone & water are not available to the property currently. It however has a reliable water source pumped from the river.<p> The property enjoys an easily accessible large flowing river along one of its boundaries and is cultivated with various crops including citrus, bananas and root crops.<p> The land also has a newly constructed single concrete dwelling with many buildable areas amidst an amazing topography. Although, the land has many sloping parts, it is enveloped by a well constructed although unpaved road which makes access to the entire property and river very comfortable.<p> The property also provides access to the once popular "Milton Falls" which is only a 5 minute walk across the river.</h4><p> <b>A summer price of US$125,000.00 (negotiable).</b> ]]> PICARD- 3 Storey Apartment Building with additional building http://blueskyrealtors.com/listing-picard--3-storey-apartment-building-with-additional-building-53.html NTMtMjAxNS0xMi0wOCAxNDozMToxMg== <span class="field_caption">Description</span>:&nbsp;<br><h4>A Fantastic three storey apartment building with 16 self-contained apartments located at Picard, Portsmouth within walking distance of The Ross University School of Medicine.<p> All 16 apartments have been designed for single accommodation. Each has 1 bedroom, 1 bath and a living room area with well planned, nicely finished kitchenette, having a cooker and refrigerator unit. The bedrooms are 12x16ft and baths vary between 7x7ft and 4x12ft. Kitchens are 12x12ft.<p> This apartment building poses a fine investment opportunity with a proven secure return; the University student population creates steady demand for a rental apartment such as this. As of late 99% of the attendants at Ross are foreign college graduates.<p> <u>Unique Feature</u>: this building was constructed with the mind that it would contain several stories of apartments. The top of the building holds potential therefore, for further expansion.<p> <u>Update:</u> An additional building has since been constructed on the property by the owner. It comprises a single apartment on its upper floor with a laundry room ground floor.</h4>]]> VIEILLE CASE -Spacious Family Home http://blueskyrealtors.com/listing-vieille-case--spacious-family-home-91.html OTEtMjAxNC0wNi0yOCAwMDowMTo0Nw== <span class="field_caption">Description</span>:&nbsp;<br><h4>A spacious family house set within a beautiful 11,935 square feet garden.<p> The property is located in the cool and elevated area of Coton, a hamlet between Thibaud and Vieille Case.<p> The building comprises 2 floors. The second floor is complete with four (4) bedrooms and 2 baths, (including a master bedroom with its own bath and verandah), Living/dining room, kitchen and verandah.<p> The ground floor is in the meantime incomplete but can accommodate a full 2 bedroom apartment. There is a covered car pot also.<p> The property is approximately 8 miles from Porstmouth and 23 miles from the main Melville Hall Airport. It commands beautiful views of the Atlantic and over the countryside. It is served with all utilities.</h4><p> <b>Price: US$159,968.00 or nearest best offer.</b> ]]> CASTLE COMFORT -Simply Adorable http://blueskyrealtors.com/listing-castle-comfort--simply-adorable-96.html OTYtMjAxNS0xMi0wOCAxNDo0MzoxOA== <span class="field_caption">Description</span>:&nbsp;<br><h4>This charming 3 storey home sitting on 9,340 square feet of land is located in the highly sought after area of Castle Comfort. With a total floor area of 3,136 square feet, this 3 bedroom/3 bathroom home is open plan with an attractive covered car pot/foyer on the first floor.<p> The first floor consists of 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, comfortable living room and separate dining room and a well appointed kitchen. A lovely wooden outside deck for outside dining and relaxation is connected to this floor.<p> On the second level, there is a spacious master bedroom offering refreshing views of the sea and over the country side. Meanwhile, a tiled stair case leads to the third level which provides spectacular views and a perfect "get-away" for study and leisure.<p> The property which is connected to all utilities is fully enclosed with a paved driveway and beautiful garden.</h4><p> <b>A once in a life time offer at US$437,095.00 or nearest best offer.</b>]]> LOUBIERE-Water Front Property-2 Storey 3 Apt House on 3594.sq.ft. http://blueskyrealtors.com/listing-loubiere-water-front-property-2-storey-3-apt-house-on-3594.sq.ft.-99.html OTktMjAxNS0xMi0wOCAxNDo0NDoxMw== <span class="field_caption">Description</span>:&nbsp;<br><h4>An attractive 2 storey house containing 3 apartments located on the outskirts of Roseau. Ideally situated at Loubiere, 1 1/2 miles south of Roseau, this charming property has the best of both worlds: It bounds with the Caribbean Sea to the West and the cool flowing Loubiere River to the South at a good elevation, both providing great ambiance and a soothing effect.<p /> Constructed on 3,594 square feet of flat land which bounds with the main Public Road to the East, it provides off road parking and easy access to public transportation. The property is fully protected from both the Sea and River by solidly built retaining walls.<p /> The first floor comprises 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, Living/dining room, kitchen, an L-shaped Verandah facing the main Public road and a balcony overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The ground floor consists of a double and a single apartment, each having a living/dining room, bathroom and kitchen.<p /> The ground floor apartments are well maintained and in good condition. The first floor requires some minor refurbishment. Ideal as a family home, holiday home or investment property as a holiday let since it is within walking distance of 2 major Dive Centers. Also within walking distance of hotels, supermarket, restaurants and other social amenities. With great demand for rental units in the area including the neighboring suburbs of Castle Comfort and Wall House, this is a perfect choice.<p /> It is connected to all main utilities. Priced for a quick sale! A must to see!<p /> Further REDUCED Price = US$145,079.00</h4>]]> BELLES- 1.12 Acre Beauty http://blueskyrealtors.com/listing-belles--1.12-acre-beauty-112.html MTEyLTIwMTctMDctMDMgMjE6MTU6MjY= <span class="field_caption">Description</span>:&nbsp;<br /><h4>1.12 acres of flat to gently sloping, lush, fertile land at Belles enjoying startling views of the mountains, plus all year round cool temperatures and access to a large nearby river.<p> The land, which sits at a plateau is partly cultivated at present having various citrus trees. It is ideal for one or more private homes - each with room for a lovely garden.<p> This plot of land is but a quarter of a mile (5 mins drive) from the Belles main road and very close - approx. 500 yards - from public utilities. It is located along the Stone Hill access road, from which it is accessed via semi-private road which envelopes the property allowing convenient building on any part of the land whilst maintaining a great deal of privacy.<p> The owner of this fine plot will enjoy access to a large river only a few minutes’ walk away.</h4> <h2><font color="red">Price: US$39,000 - Reduced for Quick Sale</font></h2>]]> COTTON HILL -Newly Built 3 Bedroom House http://blueskyrealtors.com/listing-cotton-hill--newly-built-3-bedroom-house-117.html MTE3LTIwMTctMDctMDMgMjE6MTU6MTU= <span class="field_caption">Description</span>:&nbsp;<br /><h4>A charming 1.5 storey, 3 bedroom family house located in the heights of Cotton Hill, 1 ½ miles north of the town of Portsmouth. This newly constructed home comprises 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living/dining room, kitchen and verandah on the first floor. This floor has a total floor space of 1,280 square feet.<p> The ground floor is a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom studio apartment with living area of approximately 450 square feet. The house itself sits on 5,390 square feet of flat land and there is an option to purchase an adjoining 3,000 square feet. All utilities are located right on site.<p> As a bonus, this new home captures a beautiful view of our neighboring island Guadeloupe - a lovely sight to behold at night.</h4><p> <strong>Price REDUCED: <font color="red"><strike>US$220,000</strike> US$185,000.</font></strong></h4>]]> WARNER- Flat Residential Lot with Panoramic Views http://blueskyrealtors.com/listing-warner--flat-residential-lot-with-panoramic-views-137.html MTM3LTIwMTUtMTItMDggMTQ6NTM6NTQ= <span class="field_caption">Description</span>:&nbsp;<br /><h4>A flat residential lot containing 34,866 square feet with magnificent, panoramic mountain and Caribbean Sea view at Warner. This lot is in an elevated area and is situated approximately 1/2 mile from the main public road. It is accessed along an unpaved road with utilities about 400 feet away.<p> Warner is a new and developing community with a number of new homes under construction.</h4><p> <b>Price: US$116,730.00 (negotiable).</b>]]> MARIGOT- 1.40 Acres Overlooking Melville Hall Airport http://blueskyrealtors.com/listing-marigot--1.40-acres-overlooking-melville-hall-airport-139.html MTM5LTIwMTQtMDYtMjcgMjM6NDU6MDE= <span class="field_caption">Description</span>:&nbsp;<br /><h4>Strategically located portion of land containing 1.40 acres (60,984 square feet) situated in an area called “coffee” at Marigot. The property overlooks the Melville Hall Airport in a north easterly direction and provides a beautiful view of the Atlantic through some lovely coconut trees which sway in the cool winds.<p> A mere 8 minutes drive from the main public road on approaching the Airport Bridge, utilities are less than a ¼ mile from the land which is flat to gently sloping. It is elevated from the paved secondary road from which it is accessed providing great privacy and lovely views. Most of the secondary road before the land is unpaved but motorable.<p> There is a large river used for swimming mainly by locals about 500 feet from the land. A high end guest house is within close proximity also. The land is fertile and partially cultivated with coconuts, citrus, avocado pears and bananas. It would be ideal for a fine family home or bed and breakfast.<p>A great investment at a giveaway price:</h4><p> <b>US$79,400.00 (negotiable).</b>]]> WALLHOUSE- Attractive 2 Storey Home With Apartments http://blueskyrealtors.com/listing-wallhouse--attractive-2-storey-home-with-apartments-146.html MTQ2LTIwMTUtMTItMDggMTQ6NTU6NDQ= <span class="field_caption">Description</span>:&nbsp;<br /><h4>A newly constructed building containing 2 floors with 3 apartments on 4808 square feet of flat land enjoying spectacular views over the Caribbean Sea and the country side, just a short drive from Roseau.<p> This tastefully built house comprises an upper floor with three bedrooms including a large master bedroom and 2 bathrooms, a spacious living/dining room, a comfortable kitchen with nice closets, an L – Shaped verandah facing the western view and verandahs overlooking the east and one attached to the master bedroom.<p> The lower floor comprises 2 single apartments with each containing a living/dining room, kitchen, bathroom and eastern porch. The units are rented to students.<p> Located in a very private and quiet area, there are beautiful homes surrounding the property which is connected to all utilities. It is partially fenced and has a garden with some fruit bearing trees.</h4><p> <b>Price: US$427,796.00 (Negotiable).</b>]]> MACOUCHERIE- 1.731 acres with Great Sea View http://blueskyrealtors.com/listing-macoucherie--1.731-acres-with-great-sea-view-151.html MTUxLTIwMTUtMTItMDggMTQ6NTY6NTY= <span class="field_caption">Description</span>:&nbsp;<br /><h4>A portion of mainly flat land containing 1.731 acres with magnificent view of the Caribbean Sea at Cuba Road, Macoucherie.<p> The land is a mere ½ a mile from the West Coast road and a stone throw away from some of the nicest beaches, a private Hospital and Dive Center. Perfect for a lovely home or small guest house.<p> Electricity and water are about a ¼ mile away with a number of lovely homes under construction in the area. This is simply a unique slice of hillside property.<p> This are also additional 1 acre lots near this property for sale.</h4><p> <b>Price: US$126,222.00 (negotiable).</b>]]> BEAU BOIS-Exceptional Home with Swimming Pool overlooking the sea http://blueskyrealtors.com/listing-beau-bois-exceptional-home-with-swimming-pool-overlooking-the-sea-159.html MTU5LTIwMTUtMTItMDggMTQ6NTg6NDQ= <span class="field_caption">Description</span>:&nbsp;<br /><h4>A recently constructed 'mini-castle' comprising 3 levels plus a basement level in the elevated area of Beau Bois Gillon (between Castle Comfort and Giraudel) with a lovely swimming pool.<p> This exceptionally designed 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home sits on 11,292 square feet of flat land, enjoying breathtaking views over the Caribbean Sea and the surrounding hillsides.<p> Level one comprises a large open-plan kitchen with nicely crafted and fitted timber cupboards, living and dining room, an office, 1 bedroom and shower.<p> There are 2 double bedrooms on level two, a master bedroom and a shower also. The spacious master bedroom is fitted with a Jacuzzi, a walk-in closet and it opens out onto a large verandah overlooking the Caribbean Sea. <p> The basement level holds a double garage, laundry room and a total of approximately 3,300 square feet of living space.<p> This adorable work of art provides every comfort needed for modern living. It is connected to all main utilities including internet service and has an installed satellite dish. The property is endowed also with a fully developed back yard garden with various fruit trees including mangoes, custard apple, oranges, guava, tangerine, limes and coconuts.<p> Beau Bois, Gillon is just 3½ miles up from Roseau -a 15 minute drive.</h4><p> <b>Price: US$509,000.</b>]]> CALIBISHIE-Fine Plot with Ocean View and Bounding Stream http://blueskyrealtors.com/listing-calibishie-fine-plot-with-ocean-view-and-bounding-stream-192.html MTkyLTIwMTctMDctMTQgMTY6MjM6NDA= <span class="field_caption">Description</span>:&nbsp;<br /><h4>Two (2) fine plots of gently sloping land, each containing 0.87 acre (or 37,897.sq.ft.) to be extracted from a 1.74 acre plot, which can also be sold as a whole. Located within the northern coastline village of Calibishie, each plot bounds with a nearby refurbished road and a lovely stream, offering great views over the Atlantic ocean and the surrounding country side.<p /> These lots represent more privately located lots within Calibishie which is home to many foreigners. They are very fertile, being cultivated for bananas at present and would be perfect residential locations once cleared.<p /> The location is served with pipe borne water and electricity is nearby. It is also located within a short distance of several beaches.<p /> At these giveaway prices, it would be wise to buy and wait, rather than wait to buy.<p /> <strong>Lot 20a: 0.87 acre = US$59,500<br /> Lot 20b: 0.87 acre = US$59,500<br /> Entire Plot: 1.74 acre = US$115,000 </strong></h4> <p></p> <p></p> <div align="left"> <img src="http://blueskyrealtors.com/template/clouds/images/calibishie-1.74-acres-plan.png" width="640" height="480" alt="Survey Plan Calibishie 1.74 acres" /></div>]]> WARNER-3 Bedroom Newly Constructed Cozy Home http://blueskyrealtors.com/listing-warner-3-bedroom-newly-constructed-cozy-home-218.html MjE4LTIwMTUtMTItMDggMTU6MTk6Mzc= <span class="field_caption">Description</span>:&nbsp;<br /><h4>A newly constructed architect designed home in the fast developing community of Warner. This lovely home comprises of a master bedroom, study room and 2 small look over porches on the upper floor which is accessed by a beautifully designed wooden stair case.<p /> The ground floor comprises 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, an open and airy living area, a spacious kitchen with lots of closet space built of local hard wood and a laundry room. The living room opens onto a large covered patio ideal for entertainment.<p /> The floors are covered throughout with ceramic tiles and the doors and door frames are all made of local hard wood to a fine finish.<p /> This tastefully built home sits on approximately 22,223 square feet of flat land providing ample space for a swimming pool and garden. Surrounded by lovely mountain views and connected to electricity, the property is served by an underground concrete water tank measuring 12’x13’ and 10’ high.<p /> Located a mere 2000 feet from the main Warner highway, it is within close reach to the West Coast road and about 9 miles from Roseau.<p /> A remarkable family home in a cool country setting containing roughly 2050 square feet of living area.<p /> <strong>Price: US$338,516.00 (negotiable)</strong></h4>]]>